Sunday, 4 March 2012


So have you all read the article in Psychology Today? The Benefits of Unschooling.

You don't come to grit's day to be first in the news loop, so I bet you have. The comments are worthwhile; the article referred to in there is 'My experience as an unschooler'.

Come on you people who've been home educated; blast out your stories of delight to misery. We need the mix.

Me, I have a problem with all labels and definitions. Are we autonomous? Unschooling? Eclectic? Structured? Just don't ask me. We've tried a bit of everything from alternative provision to running about the garden dressed as a rabbit. I want the label, Muddling Along.


@notatschool said...

I hadn't seen the article! Thanks Grit :-)

suzywoozy said...

I like muddling along, I used to say autonomous, then I was told that wasn't a proper label for me so tried radical unschooler because I like the idea of being radical at something. But I'm not really TCS and we do send the kids to bed and I have a rule that says that if you do baking you have to do the dishes so I think I'm not a radical unschooler, so I'm back to autonomous, but I did make my dd work for her environmental management IGCSE once she had made the decision to do it so maybe I don't even count as autonomous, usually these days I think we are mostly inconsistent. So I'll take muddling along inconsistently for us.