Saturday, 21 April 2007

Bird day

We all go off to watch little birds being ringed. This is so cute I have nothing bad to say today, just 'Ahhh', and 'Coooo', and 'Look at the little birdies, aren't they sweet?' Squirrel, Shark and Tiger all get to hold these tiny creatures and none of them squeal or manage to kill one by accident thanks to incompetent bird-holding technique or flailing about wildly because they have seen a bee or a fly or anything else that is buzzy and alarming. In fact the whole day goes off mostly brilliantly.

In the afternoon we go on a bug hunt and Squirrel has a bit of a temper tantrum because she hasn't collected all the ticks on her tick sheet and she does go a bit funny like a standing-up ironing board when she thinks there might be a beetle near, but Neville, the insect man, is very understanding and patient and kind. We could do with more people like him in the world, who don't look at us and say, 'Oh good grief here's that dreadful triplet woman with the hair and the kids, quick, hide'.

So Grit is very happy today and not troubled and thinking how lovely are nuthatches and sparrows and baby finches.

And I promise to be better at recycling and take better aim with the water pistol when Trisha, the neighbour's cat, comes into the garden.

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