Thursday, 5 April 2007

Nanjo goes on holiday

Nanjo is leaving today for her Easter holidays, so there's going to be a lot of miserable faces round here come dinner time when we contemplate red kidney beans in boiled chopped tomato pieces, straight from the Tesco value range.

Then it will be long faces because Mummy Grit is not as patient as nice Nanjo and has a tendency to respond when asked 'Can we go to the park' with 'Not bloody likely, and certainly not after last time's episode with the Chihuahua'. Whereas Nanjo says things like 'Of course we can go to the park darling, you can have another cycling lesson and I'll pack a picnic of home-made flapjacks!'

After the glum looks with the disappointing dinner and the no-show at the local park, it'll be the craft activities. Nanjo has been running these lately and Mummy Grit has been off in the office with her iPod, so when the inevitable question comes, 'Can we make xyz', when xyz will be anything from a life-size brontosaurus with wiggly eyes to a beetle that lights up with special glow-in-the-dark paint, Mummy Grit's answer will come as a sad disappointment.

Comparisons will be drawn. Mummy Grit will huff off into a sulk with her iPod and play The Cure extra loud and contemplate punishing everyone by becoming a Goth. The children will consider revenge by being psychologically damaged for ever and Dig will creep off to his computer with a bottle of wine and hope that Nanjo comes back soon.

And Nanjo will be away in London, partying or swilling back vodka martinis unaware of the chaos she leaves behind. Come back soon Nanjo!

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