Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Typesetting with an iPod

I am in love with my iPod. I've been typesetting words all day today, plugged in, and while my eyes slide around these pages on functional syntax I can actually discover what I've got stored away on this marvellous blue box with its perfect circle.

I started off checking all A-heads are in 32 point with a lung-blasting Quimbara with Celia Cruz and then I ran through the B-heads with Simple Minds Glittering Prize.

I managed the bullet lists with the hanging indents with Big Sur from The Thrills and deleted the author's irritating double spaces with Everything Must Go from the Manic Street Preachers.

Dog Train from the Levellers carried me singing over the z to s edits, and Side from Travis saw me through the full stops check; I cruised through the setting on all 560 runners on the page heads against New Order's True Faith and did a copy edit check to change behavior to behaviour and focussed to focused with Crash from The Primitives. I had a blast into the 1980s with The Sisters of Mercy Dominion just for the heck of it. Then of course I had to chuck the check on first paragraph setting while I sat staring out of the window with Spies from Coldplay. After then I needed some serious jumping about which led to a quick dance through the room with the Laas and off to a cup of coffee with Happy House from Siouxsie & the Banshees. It was by then too, with the children all busily occupied and Nanjo cooking up lunch.

By afternoon I'm checking all the C and C.1.1.1 heading styles and flip over to the 1960s for a singalong with Waterloo Sunset from The Kinks and I Only Want To Be With You from Dusty Springfield. Then I'm off with Lucien Windrich happy tip-tapping on the keyboard with Bukanga Man to remove the italics on :;'!?(["]),.

I'm listening to The Cure Staring at the Sea while I'm checking for ). on the references and go for Lullaby to delete the period on the (eds.) and putting the . in on the (ed). This leads me to a full The Cure session over every entry between Aston, G. (1986) and Wodak, R. (1996) although Let's Go To Bed seems strangely inappropriate at Chomsky, N. (1996)

By evening the book needs livening up with Somewhere a Clock is Ticking from Snow Patrol and I Predict A Riot with the Kaiser Chiefs. Actually when the author sees what I've done with his summary boxes, there probably will be trouble and Dig will have to step in to calm things down. But I don't care. Cos I'm listening to The Passenger by Iggy Pop and thinking about travelling about thanks to my bank balance.

I finish the contents check against Department S Is Vic There? and wrap the whole thing up with Survivors from the Levellers and reckon that a boat across the sea sounds just fine to me.

I've asked Dig to bury me with my iPod. But please Dig, remember to put a solar panel up above, cos it's going to be a bloody miserable time being down there if the battery goes flat and I can't recharge.

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