Tuesday, 3 April 2007

More Nanjo

Today Nanjo is making bath bombs with the children as part of their chemistry experiments. There's a bag of citric acid spilling over the schoolroom table and a lot of smell. So much smell in fact that when I creep in to see what's going on, I have to open the back door quietly because I think I might pass out with fumes of Fleur Rose.

The bath bombs are mostly successful. Tiger's heart shape fizzed and sank like a pancake when she put it on the baking tray that she'd washed moments before and hadn't dried properly. Squirrel changed her mind half way through making her shell bath bomb and decided she wanted a love heart instead, so she had to scoop out the mix she'd just spent 10 minutes patting in. It looks a bit crumbly. Shark, decisive as usual, goes straight for the love heart and flattens her mix into the mould, so her bath bomb looks quite convincing. Now all the bath bombs are drying out and Nanjo's given me instructions to order more witch hazel.

I love having Nanjo around. If it was Dig taking charge the bath bombs would be made with a lot of shouting and the house would be a tip and there'd be no lunch. If there was lunch, it would probably fizz a lot in my mouth because Dig wouldn't have washed any surface down. But when Nanjo has done the bath bomb business she's got everything cleaned up and the kids making a cauliflower concoction for lunch. If that wasn't enough I find she's also got fairy wheels off the bikes to have a cycling lesson down the park. Now how many months has Dig been saying he'll do that?

It is such a huge change of pace having Nanjo here that I might have to take her hostage and refuse to let her leave.

And I hope there's more pasta parcels for tea.

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Michelle said...

What you're saying, is that you need a traditional wife. Someone to take care of the kids and ensure they don't bother you whilst you're working and provide you with your meals in a calm and timely manner. :-)