Monday, 2 April 2007

Fat Grit

I am a fat Grit. I knew there was a downside to Nanjo, and now I remember what it is. She cooks. She cooks a lot. And what she cooks is very delicious. Perhaps it is the fact that someone else is cooking that makes everything taste better.

As a consequence of Nanjo being here today, I have chomped my way through leek and potato soup, home-made vegetable ravioli, a butter bean creation with carrots and tomatoes, cous cous, garlicky red kidney beans, fruit salad and home-made strawberry ice-cream.

So today I know a lot about food. And quite a bit about the book I'm typesetting. But I know nothing else about the state of the world, the children, Dig, the weather, the laundry, or what's in the fridge. Thanks to Nanjo it's all under control. And I'm going back to work.

Yum. She's making almond cake for tea.


Michelle said...

I feel sick. I ate a whoile chocolate easter egg BEFORE DINNER. I ate it in secret, upstairs on the pc whilst the rest of the family were downstairs cooking dinner. I am not very popular with the chef :-(

grit said...

well, what can i say! at least it was legitimised because it was while you were at the computer ... not in the cupboard under the stairs ...

Michelle said...

And I didn't sneak it up to the computer, i had left it in the study a couple of days previously so it was taunting me. "Eat me. Eat me. Eat me."

I'm a victim really and should receive chocolate counselling.