Sunday, 22 April 2007

Chat chat chat

Well this is starting to sound normal. Here we go again, en famille, on another jolly outing, all together, travelling in the same direction and at the same time. Amazing. Today we're all off to see a dragon get knocked over in a field by St George. And this is the first time Dig has joined us.

We meet Am and Jol there, which is fab, because I get to chat about everything and ignore the children who are Dig's responsibility, since after three years of doing this venue alone with Shark, Squirrel and Tiger, it's his turn. He's very good about it too, taking them off to see the horses and riders attack bags and grapefruits and things, while I watch medieval knights knock each other about the head for fun.

When I'm not watching blokes batter each other around the head or eat fire, then I can chat with Jol. Chatting with Jol is great fun. Without children we can chat about nothing in particular and everything in the world all at once, and this is particularly satisfying. Jol is a very good chatter and can chat about just anything. I bet if I said 'Potatoes and brussel sprouts' she could chat about that and we'd have quite an interesting time of it. Even better, Jol would make me laugh with some brilliant story about Brown Owl, some brussel sprouts, a bag of potatoes and a pencil sharpener.

Anyway, the dragon got knocked over at the end of today's festival in celebration of St George. The children loved it, especially when the dragon couldn't get back up without the help of some villagers and a couple of sheep. All went home happy. Well, perhaps except for Shark who went bonkers on the way out the field where we parked the car.

Actually, this St George fan club is something that neither me nor Dig subscribe to, only Dig's more eloquent and articulate when it comes to expressing the politics. In fact Dig spent quite a lot of the car journey home being articulate about the politics of St George and the representation of the Saracen. I might not take him next year. Actually, I'll revise that thought. If Am and Jol are going to be there, he can come, and I can get in some quality chat time.

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Michelle said...

And we managed to miss seeing you all :-(