Saturday, 3 November 2007

Off we go

Bleary-eyed, this morning I took Squirrel off to her ballet exam class for 8.45. I upset the other ballet mums as usual, then it's back home for lunch and pre-flight argument about whether Tiger can take three unicorns and a leopard on board in her luggage. Squirrel has her toothpaste confiscated. Shark gets given a biscuit and told to sit on the stairs and wait and stop shouting. That's mummy Grit's job. Then Grit gets dressed up in her new black jeans and we all fly to Lisbon. In an aeroplane, obviously. We haven't got wings.


Michelle said...

Aaaarrggh! This is meant to be light relief for me - not reminding me of bad jokes madam has been reading from a bad joke book.

At this juncture I'd like to say to all those bewailing the lack of reading progress from their children; Believe me. Sometimes you don't want a child able to read. Especially when there are bad joke books lying around or you're driving past the "Adult Sex Shop" on the A1.

grit said...

ha ha! when my spam mail comes in, offering to grow my own penis or attach extensions to it and other body parts, then i need take no notice of the fact that squirrel is standing at the desk next to me ... you're right michelle, non-reading is often a distinct advantage. i'm sorry about the joke, too.

Elibee said...

M is an indian chief in the next drama extravaganza.
Extremely supportive and lovely little friend made him
a peace pipe for the part and carefully wrote
PIS PIP on the side!