Thursday, 8 November 2007


Now the trip to Lisbon is all done and dusted, it's time for the verdict.

Squirrel, Tiger and Shark concentrate mostly on the shortcomings of the Hotel Tivoli bathroom and breakfast facilities, so apologies to the Lisbon tourist board about that.

Grit likes the way that you have to climb a ladder to get to the top town. The restaurants upstairs are much more interesting than those on the ground floor, especially that one who made great efforts to please the children, had an excellent vegan and vegetarian selection and put pine nuts on my aubergine. I would name the restaurant in fact, only no-one here can remember what they were called.

Dig is not playing the Lisbon verdict game. He is a diplomat.

Detailed results from my questionnaire follow.

Q: What did you like most and least about your stay in Lisbon?

  • When you lie down in the bath you can see the plumbing under the sink. (Clearly the Hotel Tivoli plumbing arrangement is simply wrong, wrong, wrong.)
  • That man at the door tries to steal your luggage. (That's the Doorman, Shark. He takes your luggage up the hotel steps to the reception, so ladies can enter the hotel looking perfect. Next time please do not wrestle your bag back off him.)
  • The peaches were nice. (Considering you and Squirrel entered into a competition on day two to see who could eat the most peach halves and between you managed 31, I'm not surprised.)
  • They do not give us chocolate every night. (Ahem. Er, I have a confession to make about that, Squirrel.)
  • Someone takes your breakfast plates away before you have finished with them. (They are trying to prevent you eating any more peach halves.)
  • The rooms were too small. (Actually, the rooms were quite large, but Squirrel has ideas above her station in this direction, having formerly requested that her room comes equipped with a swimming pool.)
  • The toaster in the breakfast room is rubbish. (I think we'd all concur with that.)
  • My sisters get everything all the time, and it's not fair. (Tiger, I'm stopping this questionnaire right now because once again you are talking rubbish.)

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