Friday, 9 November 2007

What were we doing?

Time to remind myself what I was doing before it got all taskus interruptus.
  1. The chimney sweep is booked today for 11.30. I know what you are all thinking. We are Bad. We are burning coal and setting fire to the environment. You are right. My only explanation in this direction is that in a fit of Victorian period living in 1992 we removed the radiators from the walls in the front room and kitchen, so the coal fire is our only form of heating. However, in recognition of the fact that I do not want homeless polar bears wandering about in the street outside, we have resolved to wear more jumpers, light the fire only when it is a minus temperature, and use only one half bucket of coal each time. Phew. Now no-one bomb me.
  1. Squirrel's ballet exam. Turn up Saturday for rehearsal. Turn up Sunday for rehearsal. Turn up Monday for rehearsal. Turn up Wednesday for exam. Drink alcohol heavily on Wednesday in celebration of doing all this and putting up with that brainless piece of meringue, Miss Tuzy.
  1. Find out where we are going and what we have to do for the skiing lessons next Wednesday. We're getting these at a massively discounted price and even so they are expensive. I can only afford them this term because we are no longer doing the swimming lessons. I couldn't take the swimming anymore. I thought I was going to have a breakdown. Let's hope the skiing goes better.
  1. Find the missing TinTin cassette that is still lost. I looked in the car, and it wasn't there. Some light-fingered Squirrel has probably lifted it and stuffed it in a squirreling hole somewhere about the house, and has now forgotten where it was put. Today I shall now go through every squirreling hole I can find.
I see every item on my list is numbered 1. Typical. There is no sense of order and priority in this house. Well, first on my list today is to put that right.

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