Thursday, 29 November 2007

Busy Thursday

Big Bro has lent us a car. This is useful. Today's list:

1. Track down where the smashed car is now. Drive there, pick up the child seats and the treasures. Incidentally, when I telephone this morning to make an appointment for that, this is the exchange:

Grit: Hello, I'm trying to locate a smashed Citroen Berlingo that I think you might have.
Bloke: We got hundreds, love.
Grit: The assessor called me yesterday and told me it was with you. It's a red Berlingo -
Bloke: What's the reg?
Grit: (fumbling with papers) Um, I think it's got an E in it.
Bloke: Has it got anything else?
Grit: Well it's got three child seats in the rear.
Bloke: (pause) Oh. That one. Bring some bin bags.

2. Keep out of the way while Dig continues negotiating with the garage over another Berlingo which we can impose rules over, like 'No eating in the car'. That rule should last a good 30 seconds.

3. Go to the police station with documents.

4. Before that, apply online for new driving licence so I can plead that although strictly I am not presenting all the documents, I am intending to. Honestly.

5. Get Squirrel, Shark and Tiger to their gym and trampoline lessons. And back home again.

I think this might be a secret test by fate of my timetabling and organisational skills.

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HelenHaricot said...

ooh, didn't know yo could apply online1 might do that then