Sunday, 17 May 2009

10/10 for the Perak Hotel

Here in Singapore we stay at the Perak Hotel. In the room set up for families. They don't advertise that on their site, so don't look. You just have to know. And the guy on trip advisor who claims it not suitable for families and children, where did you stay?

The Perak Hotel is an excellent hotel for kids.

It has proper wooden floorboards you can run up and down and get the bloke from downstairs right up to your door to complain in person because banging on the ceiling doesn't work. It has shower caps in squishy little packets! Do you know how much more convenient than those poxy boxes when shoving them in fistfuls into your pink butterfly wheelie luggage? After all, there could be a world shortage of shower caps anytime soon and we need to be prepared, right?

But the advantages don't stop there. The Perak Hotel has little breakfast tables so you don't have to sit with the boring old grown ups who are complaining about the coffee. There is the best orange juice in all the world and tinned fruit salad for breakfast. And biscuits! CAKE! And a huge jar of squeezy honey that no-one snatches off you yelling That's enough!

And there are so many more advantages. Like there's no-one at the door who tries to snatch your luggage like Mr Spooky from that fivestarjobby in Lisbon. It is not a good look to be wrestling your bag back off those fellas in the street.

And the fish! Did we mention the fish? Right there past reception are two lovely huggy fish swimming about so you can watch them swim happy while you breakfast OD on cakebiscuitshoney.

And the Perak Hotel puts you in the right place for Little India where you can be woken up by the call to prayer at 5am. And the perfect place for the Tekka Food Centre, home to the $2 fresh pressed fruit juices which are the best in all Singapore. Culture, right on the doorstep.

But best of all, absolutely BEST OF ALL, is the huge bowl of sweeties positioned just inside the door easily placed at CHILD REACH which the staff refill EVERYDAY.

Which is why the Perak Hotel scores 10/10 everytime from Shark, Squirrel and Tiger, aged nine.

Bartender, line up those fruit juices at Tekka temporary centre.
Let's hope they doesn't tart up Tekka Mall too much. We liked the grime.


The Gossamer Woman said...

It's probably one of your most sarcastically humorously told posts. I can see you really like it there. Have a good stay.

Grit said...

and it's true, too! i really do like the perak hotel. much better than the faceless cubes with a business lounge. but i wish they would move that bowl of sweeties.