Monday, 4 May 2009

But I am quite difficult to please

So, while in Hong Kong, Dig finds this place in Port Stephens. He books it last minute on the internet. It's either this or the layby on Highway 1.

Let's see how you did, husband.

Because while we're all sitting outside eating breakfast, Shark eye-spies a koala bum hanging lazily from the tree right over our heads. As it slowly shuffles along a branch, that sort of disproves my theory the owner has nailed a furry cushion there, unless he's got it on radio control.

Then it's time to walk around the site. The swimming pool's small but heated and Shark, Squirrel and Tiger run off to change. Not before they squeal in delight at the tree frog, butterflies, tiny scuttling lizards under the fallen leaves, and the lorikeets and rosellas squawking overhead.

Don't be too long in that pool, we caution, because you have to walk the ten minutes to the beach and say hello to the kangaroo who lives in the backpacker's campsite over the road. Then we have to pop into Port Stephens to check out the dolphin watching cruises and find the opening times for the Shark and Ray Centre fifteen minutes down the road and for which Shark would sell me as a galley slave should I be foolish enough to put up any resistance to that experience.

Then of course there are the sand dunes, sparkling waters, vineyard and tonight's barbecue to cater for. Dig feels it's part of his duty to take that over and he wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, so I can relax while he cooks dinner.

Let's just say, husband, for now, I'm reserving judgement.


these boots said...

I hope you have a gorgeous time. You deserve it!

Grit said...

thank you, these boots!