Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Exploiting elephants

We couldn't catch Shark for the photo opportunity on the back of the elephant at Singapore Zoo. She was off with the fish.

And bugger. The next step is back home to England.


sharon said...

Hmmm, the parents of the children I occasionally look after go to Singapore for weekend shopping trips! If you lived here you could substitute the shops for the Hotel Perak and the Zoo. Just enough orderliness to appeal but not stifle.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Sentosa to see the pink dolphins too?

Firebird said...

Oh bother! All the UK HE blogs are so depressing recently I've been counting on your exiting, colourful and fun posts to lighten the mood.

Grit said...

sharon, the fancy that you do babysitting while i do shopping is almost irresistible. do they do hk to perth flights? we might even consider qantas.

hi mud! last time, we did. this time we didn't have the time. next time we will. thanks to the contract signed in my own blood.

i'm sorry, firebird! all i can promise is that i will try hard to maintain a sense of humour in the face of adversity.

sharon said...

Perth to HK, no worries my dear. Regular as clockwork. We are even in the same time zone I think!