Monday, 11 May 2009

Port Stephens to Sydney.

Driving around Australia is a bad idea. We won't do that. I will plot instead for when the kids are aged 18 and living in squats in Kensal Green. Then I will spend the inheritance driving round Australia with Dig, exploring what is over there.

Because the problem we have right now is possessing more kids than car windows, which means they have to sit in a line.

After an hour, Tiger says she does not like sitting in the car looking at views like this.

She doesn't say this quietly, unless I count quietly as kicking the back of the car seat screaming her guts out while snot is pouring everywhere and it sounds like iiiiiwannnnaaagetoutthecaaaaaaaaaar! I guess I will call that quiet, because it is no where near as bad as that time on the Oxford ring road.

Anyway, Dig says he cannot drive when someone is having a fit in the car, quiet or loud. He has a yell and I fine Tiger $1 on her spends for causing a public nuisance, on the basis that if I stood in a public street and screamed I hated pavements, I would probably be fined too.

But we will not dwell on the car journey. It is a necessary evil, so I can take away memories of what children really like to do on a beach holiday.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Well, those pictures sure pacified my mind after that terrific fit. Glad you showed them.

Wife in Hong Kong said...

I don't think there's been a car journey or taxi ride since we got here without a fight in the back rows. When do they grow out of it??

Wife in Hong Kong said...
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Wife in Hong Kong said...

Sorry - I duplicated my comment, incompetent blogger that I am!

Grit said...

yup irene, it really wasn't all bad! and the weather was kind enough in parts!

i do not know, wife in hk, let us ask mean mom; she has the benefit of grown up sons. apart from that, i can only cling to HOPE.