Sunday, 9 August 2009

And a good time was had by nearly all, in Gloucester

It starts here, and thanks to breakfast, Premier Inn totally wins. Tiger is gleeful. Last time we stayed in a Travelodge I force fed her cornflakes with a fork at 7.25am and she's never forgiven me. Shark is simply licking her lips at the sight of the Sunday morning spread which, coming down to £2.50 each - and I haven't had any hand in the preparation, cooking or presentation, and do not have to wash up - means that by 9.05am my first preference is to come and live here forever.

If staying in a Premier Inn with their delicious breakfast wasn't simply the best start to a budget day out in Gloucester, we then hoof it over here, to the cathedral

where I am delighted to find the tomb of Edward II

who gets my vote as the most entertaining and pointless king Britain has ever had, possibly until we arrive at Charles III.

From there it's over to Gloucester docks

where we take to the National Waterways Museum to continue an educational day and find out about the history of the canals in England.*

* Actually, read there, 'play with the toddler water table until we are forcibly removed from it yelling like an albatross because the woman from reception will come round with the keys to lock up. You can tell by the sour look of misery on her face she has been on reception all day putting up with this sort of customer when she should by rights be sat at home in front of half a roast Sunday cow'.


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Ooh, we're only 20 minutes away from Gloucester. I love the Cathedral. You didn't go to the Folk Museum? It's wonderful and I used to love going there when I was home educated. As I recall, I used to ask to go most weeks, but we usually only did it once a month! The Waterways Museum didn't exist when I was little, but my mum took lots of Esperantist children there, whenever they visited and thinks it's great. I think there's also a Museum of Packaging in Gloucester, which she would take children to.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I would have had lots of fun playing with the waterworks and generally screwing up the whole system to see what catastrophes I could make happen and I'm sure that's what you did too. That's probably why she looked so sour and did you spill water on the floor?