Wednesday, 19 August 2009

We were on a roll for mostly happiness and delight this summer

But now that the bicycle thief has wheeled off with our treasures in the night, there is pretty much a grey wet blanket of despair flopping over this house right now.

Part of me simply shrugs my shoulders about the theft of Tiger's bike, because hey, it's summer, kids are out and about, her bike was a beat up old wreck suitable for museum display, and I wouldn't mind a White Bicycle Plan round here, so I can hardly shake my fist at the local bicycle entrepreneur.

But then there are those welling tears and the heaving sobs from my little girl. Those little crystal droplets rolling down her pink cheeks do not signal her forgiveness and understanding, and if I could grab that bicycle thief by the scruff of the neck, show him what torture he's wrought and then give him a good sharp kick on his saddlesore behind, I would do that. I would call it revenge, and probably be fined, but that's how I feel on behalf of Tiger.

Fortunately for us all, the sun comes out and I take Tiger, Squirrel and Shark to the weekly Wednesday summer playdate in the woods. Here the hammocks, nets, swings and weaving stuff are all scattered about and the kids scamper off. Tiger would like me to take photographs of her on the swing. I say that this week I would but I have left my camera behind. I really hope I have done that, and I haven't left it carelessly thrown on the passenger seat of the car, where a casual thief with a chunk of rock might pass by on this sunny afternoon, and simply help himself.

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