Monday, 31 August 2009

Home ed history

This is our primary age history lesson. Because the history of this land is resounding under our feet, rubbed between our thumbs and forefingers, and caught in the rhythm of a voice.

We gain all that, and more today, at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.

Our history isn't given to us from the black and white pages of a worn through text book. We feel it, do it, live it, and are spellbound by its story.

For me, there can simply be no better history lesson than one that takes place in the richness of the world. I hope to pass that on to Shark, Squirrel and Tiger.

Thank you, West Stow, for supporting our history lesson today.


The Green Stone Woman said...

That seems like just about the best way to learn a good chunk of history. And fun too.

Grit said...

i think so, irene! and certainly for primary age children, i am yet to be persuaded by the virtue of black and photos in school text books.

Ty said...

These are the best lessons, seen and felt. I believe these are the ones they remember eternally as well. Beautiful blog.