Monday, 10 August 2009

And not in my back yard, so possibly perfect

Den building day. Thanks to the fantastic people over here.

Shark and Tiger amuse themselves for hours with old junk rescued from skips, landfill and scrapstore, which makes a change from the junk they sweep out of the house to chuck all over the garden for this particular summertime activity.

And like we haven't got enough junk at home, I visit a charity shop, buy a new outfit and fifteen more books.


The Green Stone Woman said...

But you all have a good time and that is what counts.

Maternal Tales said...

Renée would be in seventh heaven. Dens are totally her thing. I'm telling you - that child needs home education!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Our great grandaughters build dens from anything they can. Bedding, towels, clothes, old junk. You name it. They always have. It's great that they have the freedom to do this, better than being glued to a TV or computer all day long.

screamish said...

junk is good. it's good for the planet- recycled. objects that live several lives....completely anti capitalistic, anti consumerist. and old books! you can never have too many of those.....

Grit said...

hi irene, it was a good day, partly because I had a break to wander round and look at junk!

MT! Now i am sure there is a group on the uk mummybloggers site especially set up for anyone idly wondering about home education! do join me, because otherwise i will feel lonely!

i agree r&c. i would like to see all councils offer a den building service where they provide land, junk, and play warden, to encourage local kids to set up summer shanty towns.

yes, screamish. i am a total recycler. i would like to say that a long time ago i chose this position because of my moral high ground.

in truth i have grown used to it because poverty and absent husband have brought out my scavenging disposition.

fortunately in these days that is now a moral position, which allows me to add smug bastard to my present list of credits.