Sunday, 15 November 2009

Isn't life amazing with a timetable?

You see? Now I am officially in control of time. I can order about minutes and hours. I have a command centre. I am queen of timetable.

Today I command that we achieve. And not just wearing shoes, like yesterday.

Today is different. Today I can say we are going to Shenley Woods at 11am to learn about forest management techniques in ancient woodland. And then we are leaving at 1.30pm prompt, arriving at the Museum of St Albans felt workshop 2.24pm. Where we will make felt.

And I'm sure Shark, Squirrel and Tiger achieve with this structure too. Or they would have done, had they stuck to my timetable. Just don't ask. This is an ongoing process, and I'm building one day at a time.

But look here. At the woods.

We can achieve knowledge about how to kill pigeons with a Harris Hawk. And we learn that Harris Hawks are native to South America. I didn't know that. Did you know that? Knowledge is achievement, isn't it? Make me feel good and say yes.

Then we learn about the history of charcoal burning, the coppicing of woodland, the banking and ditching of animal enclosures and how many pigs you can release in medieval woods before they're taken off to the compound and you're fined.

Oh, and how to make a wood kazoo with a rubber band and some gratifyingly dangerous tools.

Come 2pm, we're learning to travel at exactly 50mph down the M1 monitored by the speed and distance cameras while learning Spanish with Michel Thomas on the in-car CD player. I'm beginning to like this sense of order.

And then there is felt making! How relaxing is that?

I don't want to be that woman who makes timetables, who controls things, and who says I'll read one chapter to you and no more, but right now, when the front room, taps, life, are all spinning away uncontrollably, and that husband is just about to step back on that plane to go east, then a timetable is a good structure to have.

And who knows, if it works, I could say goodbye to all the other control issues I have. Like bladder, mouth, memory, flab, mice, and bath plug.


Glowstars said...

Structure is a good thing. As long as you're flexible with it. The kisd will come to realise that too.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

maybe what you need is an i-phone-touch thingy? then you can be uber-organised. quick, call Dig and get him to pick one up in Duty Free (or a knock-off in a far eastern market)...

kellyi said...

I love felt making. It can knacker your hands, but mine already resemble a ninety year old carpenters so it's fine.

Maire said...

Doesn't sound very different to most of your other days Grit, you either travel many miles or live in a paradise of culture. Sorry to hear Dig is off again and hope you retain the feeling of more control.

Anonymous said...

You see, I LOVE structure and routine - really love it, and my kids thrive on having a routine and structure to the day. I could probably benefit from a bit of flexibility in my life though - I think it might make me a little less stressy...!

planb said...

Hello, Just really wanted to say thanks for your very long, very thought-provoking comment on mine. Feel much supported so thanks. Have name-checked you in today's post too. Hope that's ok.

Minnie said... the bladder and memory thing....snap! x

Grit said...

hi glowstars! i could get into this organised lifestyle. those spelling books like we had in school are looking like a good idea.

do i have to learn how to use it pig? are they easy? i still have not quite worked out the phone that dig bought me three years ago.

we're using lux soapflakes kelly; washing up liquid would destroy me. one look at the kitchen sink will tell you i am allergic.

hi maire! ok, i missed out the maths worksheets i made everyone fill out at breakfast. (now i feel everyone will hate me, whereas before they were merely indifferent.)

planb; i'm glad if it helped. it's a difficult area and draws strong opinions. on this job, we learn as we go. and the fact that we are open to reflecting and learning is much more important, to my thinking.

minnie, go easy on the pepper and don't make me sneeze.