Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Timetables are crap really, aren't they?

Apparently I should be spending an hour playing a board game to help Squirrel with her times tables. She'll no doubt get out that board game and play it with a sister soon enough.

And I don't worry; she'll learn her seven times table on another day.

Instead I am writing emails about petitions. And if this comes near you, dear reader, you can sign it if you want, or not sign if you want.

Personally, I blame the government for intruding on my educational provision, messing with my timetable, Squirrel's times tables, and trying to stick their foot into my door.

And if you think I must be that crazy woman to take things personally, then please call me crazy. It's personal. And this is why.


Sam said...


That always happens to me whenever I've tried a timetable (not petitions, obviously). Too much *effort* needed to keep them on track ;-)

funkyhan said...

oh! Your girls are so sweet!

I hate timetables. Sometimes you need a vague schedule though, so I sympathise :)

Thanks for sharing. I'm freaking out about the end of AE :(

Grit said...

*i'm not giving up!*
*i'm not giving up!*

sam, i've writ that out 50 times now about that timetable. (another 390 and I might start believing it.)

hi funkyhan! the photo was taken some time ago, when the kids were cute and little instead of cute and big, like now. sometimes i need a cuddle from those old photos.

and really, is this going to change parents from what they do - change their words, their practice, their on the ground, their day to day opportunity education? in front rooms, kitchens, fields, libraries, museums, playgrounds and parks, all over the land, anywhere, everywhere? their relationships and family ideals? no.

mamacrow said...

oh wow, what an awesome photo, whats left of me just melted! xxx

kellyi said...

Your girls look so cute and squishy in that photo.

I love a good time table, but only seem to manage three days of sticking to it and then the rest of the month is spent beating myself up for not sticking to it.