Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Baroness Deech, which classroom did this happen in today?

On the day that Baroness Deech claims home educated kids can't socialise, the Grit family has a big fight and Shark locks herself in the shed.

Normally, I wouldn't mention the fight.

But I am so totally confident in our chosen lifestyle - or so far gone you can call security - that I can now claim with a sincere heart how this great big nuclear argument is actually proof that home ed works.

Like I can't be insane enough for you, I'll also add that home ed leads to fine rounded adults, social awareness, personal strength, and may be responsible for roses in bloom in June.

I can tell you, Baroness, why I am so confident. It is because this home ed life, I have lived it.

Some days I have felt there is no difference between home education and the serving of a lifetime prison sentence nailed to a cross overlooking the market square. And some days are so blissfully perfect, so star shootingly knockout, that we can only stand bewildered, and wonder why everyone isn't simply building a society based on the freedom to fulfil their ambitions and capabilities.

Baroness, it is because I have lived both types of home educating days, that I am so confident.

But today there was this big, big fight. When everyone calmed down, and I tracked Shark to the new home she'd set up in the back of the garage, then there was a long and deep two hour discussion on all matters moral, social and individual.

Eventually this led all the gritlets into a discussion of the four worthies at the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe Gardens, and some thoughts as to the roles of poetry, philosophy, lawmaking and military strength in ancient Greek society. We didn't stop there. We talked about whether these virtues are the best guide we have to run a country; to run a family; to live a life?

I wonder how this discussion might have played out, with fifteen minutes to get Shark into school. Or how it might never have happened at all. Instead, maybe I'd resort to bribery. Giving in. Coercion. Shouting. Threatening.

Baroness, our home educating life today was not about do what I say missy but drew us in thoughts and talks about what it is to be human, what it is to show weakness, what it is to show strength, what it is to build a society, and why poetry and philosophy matter.

Did that happen - in all its complete experience, emotional impact, intellectual debate, family understanding - did that happen in a classroom near you?

(P.S. I would just like to add that Tiger going bonkers twenty minutes later had nothing to do with how she is socialised. She is simply traumatised from the recent news that come June she may be living sixty floors up without unicorns or paint. That is called work in progress.)


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

I am crap at socialising and I was home-schooled.

My mum is crap at socialising and she went to school.

My aunts are crap at socialising and they went to school.

My sister's good at socialising and she went to school.

My friend is fantastic at socialsing and she was home-schooled.

Pah. There will be people who socialise better for being home-schooled. And there will be people who socialise better for going to school. And vice versa. And there will be people to whom it makes not an iota of difference.

What have I missed (sorry, been busy with having a baby and the ensuing chaos)? Why might you be living 60 stories up?

kellyi said...

It depresses me.

Deech is so ill informed that it seeps all the fight out of me :(

sharon said...

Ignore Deech, she doesn't know her arse from her elbow!

June! So soon! No wonder Tiger is freaking out just a tad.

Carlotta said...

I think peeps did well in comments to Baroness Deech and Lord Soley. My guess is that other Lords will read that blog, and explaining why the Baroness is so wrong in her assumptions and why the CSF bill will be so damaging can only be helpful.

Carlotta said...

Oh, I do have to add that I am quite sure, in fact more sure of this than most things, that my own socialisation skills and my ability to think clearly have improved vastly since we all started home educating!

Grit said...

hi people. i am somewhat depressed after the lords blog. they are so clearly remote, it is a case of 'where do we start?'

but thank you for your comments. i appreciate you people calling by.

Erskine May said...

Grit: Do bear in mind that the comments of one or two peers do not necessarily represent the views of other peers. And it is difficult not to notice the number (and length!) of the responses to their comments.

Grit said...

erskine may, you are right, and thank you for the reminder.

i am struck by the tone of the comments; people are telling the lords of very ordinary lives. what is extraordinary is the energy, passion and commitment people are prepared to give to their children and families. i think it also shows you that the home educating life is, in many ways, sensitive, gentle and fulfilling. it is ironic that we are then presented as people who deserve to be under suspicion.