Monday, 22 February 2010

Socialisation takes many forms. Some of them canine.

Like this. A brisk afternoon walk with eight kids, three adults and ONE DOG round a lake.

All home educating friends, including THE DOG, and all freezing cold. Except THE DOG, who stays warm by wagging THE DOGGY TAIL.

Did I mention THE DOG?

I am not saying we are out of that particular phobia, but walking round a lake with A DOG and not throwing ourselves in the water in panic is a pretty big development.

I am so far gone, that I would say that my DOG THERAPY is a form of socialisation all in itself.

Appropriate then, that we come home to this discussion. Remarkable for the patience with which home educators keep on telling you all about this lifestyle. Depressing too, reading again, and again, and again, how home ed kids must be segregated from society, never mix with others, cannot learn to be normal, are forever consigned to be different, and are cut off from the rest of the world. Probably by mad people like Grit who thinks you can socialise with A DOG.

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