Sunday, 28 February 2010

The kids are probably busy chasing rats. Who cares?

Grit is busy today, and not home educating. She has locked herself in the office.

So here's a picture of what looks like flash mobbing at the local skate rink. And yes, if you home educating strange types are planning a flash mob somewhere, count us in. Sometimes I carry out bizarre actions on my own in the Co-op. But I note that a solitary flashing Grit merely attracts expressions of horror.

Actually, I am busy writing letters to lords and ladies. There are some very good letters to read. You can write one too if you want.

The other thing I am busy doing is mopping up sick. (From this I have learned not to discard my wellington boots immediately outside the door of the downstairs toilet. The probability that a passing child will need to vomit, not be able to make it to the toilet, but eyespy the open and inviting left wellington boot is obviously extremely high and a problem I should have anticipated.)


Minnie said...

Oooooo. Lovely!! I put my wellies away now as one of the mogs seems to be 'attracted' to my wellie foot odour! Still got the pulling power! lol

I will do the letter thing, too.

Maire said...

Very pleased to hear you are writing to the Lords and Ladies, less so the vomit, not much fun, hope it is over soon.

kellyi said...

I wrote to the Lord I used to live near in the hope he will remember giving me and his staff a guided tour of his stately home (and that I know where he keeps the valuables)

If it takes the threat of theft...

Grit said...

hi folks, thank you for your comments. yes, no other choice but to write, can't roll over and die, not yet.