Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not all lost

The Achievements
Shark tracked down a library book on the computer. We drove to the library and picked it up. For that feat alone, I want a prize.

I told off the librarian for selling the children's library books. Surely selling the kiddy library stock is an affront to any civilised person. They shouldn't sell library books like that. It is wrong wrong wrong. And she charged me only £5.50 for two enormous carrier bags stuffed full.

I coaxed Tiger out of the fishy toilet where she was screaming herself sick after an argument about who has the right to put an octopus on a cushion. It only took 35 minutes and that is a record.

The No Achievements
I did not drive the kids to Cambridge for the Twilight Museums event. Please no-one tell me that this event was the best experience you ever had in your life.

The In-the-balance
I am a woman. And I ironed shirts. For a MAN.

On the one hand, I undermined forty years of female advancement, equality of expectation, and all respect to my ambitions.

On the other hand, I did it graciously, and to reward Dig's total trust in me. It was sort of naive and sad and pathetic and I took pity.

You should see the mess when chocolate hundreds and thousands are pressed into a white shirt with a steam iron. You don't normally get asked to iron anything twice.


MadameSmokinGun said...

I'm still having trouble with this word 'ironing'. Is it an archaeological term?

I like the sound of batik-esque chocolate 100s and 1000s tho'. Could you do a workshop for that?

Michelle said...

Okay I won't.

Big mamma frog said...

Yeah, I'll never forget the day at a toddler group when one of my kids picked up the toy iron and used it as a vacuum cleaner. Small person had absolutely no idea what it was for, so guessed it might be handy for scraping dirt off floors.

Or the time when dh and I needed to iron clothes for a wedding...and neither of us could remember where the iron was. Took us nearly an hour to find it, tucked away at the back of some dusty cupboard.

Our shelves are stocked almost entirely with ex-library books bought from local library. Oh, and the ones we had to buy because we 'lost' them amidst our clutter and it was cheaper than paying the overdue fines.

Ceri said...

Irons are for Hama beads .... aren't they?!

Grit said...

s'easy mme sg. the first time you do it, sprinkle any chocolate based item on ironing board. think, 'i will clear that up later'. forget about it. five days later, someone uses ironing board (which has never been put away since 1992). voila! second time you do it, do it deliberately.

michelle. ibloodywellknewyouwouldgo.

i hear you big mamma frog. you are sensible person. and i agree. those library fines. we are talking serious debt. much easier to buy.

um, ceri, are those the same hama beads that you drop on the way to the ironing board, and then spend three hours scraping offspring from ceiling?

LPG said...

Luckily I didn't wake the baby with my laughter at the bati-whatits ironing....

(my mother made a point of not teaching me to iron - figuring that any woman who needed shirts ironing for themselves could a) pay someone else to do it for them, b) find a man to do it for them or c) figure out a way not to wear shirts to work....)

Grit said...

lpg, mother sounds like Wise Woman. x