Sunday, 20 June 2010

By this means, we count the years

Here the day is furnished properly with Buddhists; we all slouch idle, nodding agreement to words of wisdom while grass tickles our legs. And, apart from a small amount of Tiger whining about the criminal air, which is moving, all is right with the world.

That's unusual, isn't it? You don't often get peace and pleasure on Grit's Day.

The Buddhists have form in bringing harmony to Grit, as you can see from the histories. I may tie myself up in those folding robes yet.


sharon said...

Although I eat meat and kill bugs (meaning they wouldn't have me) I do accept many of the other positives in the Buddhist way of being. Not sure about the shaven head but the flowing robes would certainly make for simplicity on the what-to-wear front. And one size fits all too ;-)

Grit said...

sharon, you are right about the one size fits all clothing approach! that could sort all my worries!