Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Keeping mama on her toes

I never can guess when this is going to happen. That we are going to live a day just about perfect in our home educating lifestyle.

It's like we live a life where we are routinely set upon by three terrorists, beaten up by alien bat monsters, and tortured by commanders of invisible forces intent on ripping our hearts from our bodies. Then one morning the masterminds of the enterprise come downstairs, present you with a box of your favourite chocolates, bake triple-layer toffee cake for you, and then add, Don't worry about washing my pink favourite skirt mama! I discovered I have three pairs of blue leggings and they will do me just fine!

You never can be prepared for such a day. Even though it happens under deep grey skies on a walk and talk, where all the wildflowers tuck away their petals to shield from the burden of the pouring rain.

Now I am so glad that last week I didn't drive them to the Metro centre and dump them in the car park.


Rachel M. said...

Great ending to a fabulous story!!!

Grit said...

hi rachel. did you see the rain though? we have pure british downpour!

Kestrel said...

Oh I love those days and to tell it mostly in pictures, gee I'm glad you didn't drop them in a supermarket car park otherwise this post would never have happened.

Grit said...

hi kestrel! we have good days and bad days. maybe my good days happen out doors and the worst days happen when we all have cabin fever in the front room, where the entire family must congregate on the same square foot.