Monday, 28 June 2010

Idle old trout wants money for nothing

Attached to this old falling down house is a falling down wooden garage, complete with inspection pit lined with remnants of a heating system. I guess those hot pipes in the pit once kept the car warm so the thing would start in the cold Edwardian morning.

As you can imagine, Grit has ideas about the joy of these things without the income to maintain them, so if anyone's up for bunging a few thousand quid this way to do up this beautiful crumbling property for no return whatsoever, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Meanwhile, the old unrestored wooden garage is routinely filled with junk. But not today! Grit has worked her little socks off to clear out a ton of stuff, put up an old desk and declare it a modelling room.

Bizarrely, she also unearths an old joanna under the piles of stuff. This is brilliant, isn't it? I didn't know we had a piano.

No-one can play the thing. Including Squirrel.

If she is anything like me, she probably likes to imagine that one day she will wake up and be able to play a musical instrument perfectly, without any faults whatsoever, but with the ability to leave people throwing her flowers and weeping.

Very similar to the same fancy Grit harbours now. The one where she wakes up, and without any effort on her part, discovers she is loaded.


sharon said...

I have put you on my list of people to share the joy of my big lottery win - all I have to do now is buy the right ticket ;-)

I used to play the piano but haven't touched one since I got married. Probably struggle to play a C major scale now!

Grit said...

sharon, i offer the same in return. and i really must learn how to do this lottery thing.

what does marriage do to pianos?

sharon said...

My mother wouldn't let me take mine with me and we couldn't afford to buy one! The hard part was that nobody else played it then although some years later Mother took some lessons for a while.