Friday, 17 June 2011

Destination, Northumberland

For that end point, here is the five-hour view on the road much travelled.

Tomorrow, when we take our seats on the Seahouses sandstone, we will declare Tiger as Minister of Rock Hopping, Squirrel can be Minister for Sky Watching with special interests in Dolly Swimming, and Shark can be Minister of Rock Pooling.

Me and Dig, coalition partners in the great compromise, will spend the away-week holding high-level talks on future policy regarding education, economy, matrimony, all the unspeakables, and what the fuck are we going to do while everything goes belly-up, I lose my employment as casual typesetter and copy editor, business goes kaboom, we are prosecuted, the local home ed group takes to politicking and throws us off the lists, then Hong Kong seems like the only option.

You see, for this week, I get all the pain, and you get the photos. Enjoy.