Saturday, 11 June 2011

Unashamed plug for Mikron Theatre*

Yes, go see Mikron Theatre! A theatre company that tours the canals to bring you a social history of the working classes via narrative and music in fields, pubs and village halls. It's perfectly pitched, isn't it? Except they lost their arts funding, so they need your support.

Go find out where they are near you, then take your brollies, blankies and thermos flasks because don't forget, this is England and it is summer.

Home educators are specially invited; we can tick history, music, popular culture, geography and drama all in one go!

* Hey, no-one paid me to say this! We simply had a fine time with the Bridgewater Canal.

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Belgravia Wife - sort of said...

Oh I would but it doesn't work , sort of me ...I have a super adventure sort of planned for the three xx