Monday, 20 June 2011

Farne Islands

Obligatory. My mini twitchers have high-maintenance puffin needs.

I find it absorbing, looking at the different photographs taken by the different members of the family. Evidence: the children's camera. I can guarantee, 800 pictures of puffins, shags and the other ones.

This year, seals, too!

Clearly, my construct and search for memory of these events is very different from everyone else's. They snap away with puffinspuffinspuffins and I am all Keep still I want to remember your shoes.

And rock. Yes, I like to photograph the lovely Farne rocks, too.

Then I take a few more hundred pictures of the children in bird-watching and bird-photographing poses.

Bizarrely, I am still in love with them. Even though some moments I would like to throw them out of a top floor window of a castle or push them off a boat into the North Sea, then laugh at the splash.

But I think I should acquire a better camera. I'm still using my old phone one and it is barely surviving. The battery drops out in awkward places.

I also discover I have photographed the extending telephoto lens of the man standing next to me. I have no idea why. At this point in life, wishful thinking, probably.