Friday, 10 June 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Hurrah! Last minute tickets for the Globe. Much Ado about Nothing is on Tiger's list, so that's a good enough excuse for me!

I am developing a serious addiction to this place, not least that it seems to make absolute sense of the plays as staged drama rather than set texts.

You must go, if you have not been already, then we can talk about all of life.

On second thoughts, don't go. I will have to fight you for the last tickets, and I pack a mean punch.


Rachel M. said...

I must say I'm a bit concerned about you scraping all that mold from the basement. Hope you are using a face mask or some sort of protection against breathing that stuff in.

Rachel M. said...

Just in case you're interested:

Nora said...

Are you sure you want to leave England and all it has to offer and go back to Hong Kong in July? Are you giving it some very serious thought? I'm thinking about what's best for you, Grit.

Belgravia Wife - sort of said...

Agreed I could sleep in that place, just love it. Are you in purple, yet...x

Grit said...

rachel, don't tell me, i'm looking the other way, and telling myself I have another twenty years. i have no idea what horrors lurk in the cavity between cellar ceiling and kitchen floor however. i guess i will wait to see if i have any dead mice turning up.

hi nora, well you put your finger on an issue; we are back in september and i am telling myself that hong kong has much to offer, like it or not, but from it i can get loyalty and responsibility. whether i like it or not.

ah, belgravia wife! tell me when you are next there! are you going to see faustus?