Sunday, 26 June 2011

Please don't let this happen in England

Dig has received an offer. It's from a company in Hong Kong: one of the many educational support companies dedicated to creating a joyful environment for learning and development of children!

I say, let's look closely at that offer Dig; I seek a natural, joyful learning for our children! This could help me along!

Dig says we're offered a discount on a short course of two preparation classes. The classes would teach us about the admissions interview we must undergo for the school of our choice. The classes would also coach our children on how to perform at interview on the big day.

Then he says, Oh no! It's too late!

On closer inspection, the offer for joyful learning in the interview prep class seems only to be for children aged 2 and 3.


Nora said...

Now my flabber has been totally gasted. Age 2 and 3? You've got to be kidding me. I hope this doesn't catch on in Western Europe. I hope we're too sensible for that.

sharon said...

Such slack parenting to miss out on this wonderful opportunity - not!