Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthday satisfactions

Remarkable day, thanks to an extraordinary show of cooperation between triplets.

And for me, no sobbing, no arguments, no screaming, no panic attacks, no sarcasm, no picking offence, and no dramatic over-reaction to the slightest provocation. Mostly because I woke up with a mountain of a headache, took heavy medication, and passed out until 3pm.

But high-quality head dosage has a side effect. It left me in fine fettle for the evening's entertainment.

The kids and Dig led me up to the roof after dark where, instead of throwing me off, they revealed their labours of the day (apart from the peace and quiet): three nearly inflated balloons, an origami Happy Birthday hanging, a ribbon tied to a chair to mark ceremonial seating, plus two dozen chopped up potato pieces skewered with candles. Shark baked chocolate smash.

I was properly made a fuss of, then showered with gin, pliers, and two Mong Kok watches to match the dead zebra bag.

I had nothing to do, but enjoy it all.