Monday, 5 September 2011

Not back to school party

Rats to those pesky home educators! This week they'll be sprinkling smugness and goldfish cracker crumbs across the land!

Because just as those schoolies are trekking back to institutions everywhere, we alternative educators are living it up.

We're living it large with the Ken Robinson dream: challenging your assumptions, creating our experiences, forwarding new cultures, learning with our own hands and minds, showing you the way, and having a fantastic time with a plastic blow up killer whale.

Happy Not Back to School parties everywhere! Roll on another free thinking year!


sharon said...

Splendid - and what a wonderful orca ;-)

Michelle said...

You forgot to add 'enjoying the sunshine'. Everyone knows the sun comes out when the schools go back. :oD

peapod said...

Yesterday while not at school, we saw a large group of old men having a fight over a game of crazy golf on the sea front at Gt Yarmouth.

You can't get that kind of education at school, can you? ;)

KP Nuts said...

We had 4 in West Sussex last week.