Monday, 12 September 2011

Mid Autumn Festival

Oh dear. There it goes again. Turning into a Hong Kong whining blog.

Here's something different.

Grit is invited to an expat party, even though she denies being an expat. It is good fun, because it involves dressing up in glow sticks, drinking a great deal, and sitting on the beach after dark, watching the Chinese dig holes in the sand and fill them with burning wax candles in celebration of the moon.

Moon cakes however, I draw the line. Right there, at jellied bean paste. Unless you want me to start the whining all over again.

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Gweipo said...

there are nice moon cakes. It took me 8 years to find them. And then we left. They're the ones that the Mandarin make. But the mandarin makes very many different types, and I've forgotten the precise ones I liked. I could eat a whole one now.

HK and their expats make a huge amount more fuss about joining in in the local festivities, I didn't even know the moon festival had come and gone until a HK friend of mine posted it. What does that say about HK?