Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

We go out and find a dancing fire dragon!

How dedicated am I!

You see, for your edification and delight, there's nothing I won't do! I'll immerse myself in Chinese culture. For you, I'll put in the leg work. I'll ride the Hong Kong ferries, walk the streets, and take the trams. I'll locate the best street festivity for the Mid Autumn Festival, and bring it right here to you!

Oh let my blog swell with pride at the photographs I can present for you!

Well, I haven't got any photographs of a dancing fire dragon. You'll just have to imagine it.

Dig has had a hand in this. He very kindly deinstalled the program I used to transfer the pictures from camera to computer and, as a little bonus, or just to make sure, secreted the camera on his desk and lost it.

But because, like me, he also goes the extra mile to be so very helpful, he has also complained about Sony Ericsson as well! Stealing his life!

While I contemplate a suitable reward for Dig, maybe kneecapping, or locking in a cupboard and starving to death, you could see a picture of this fantastic dancing fire dragony spectacle over here.

It didn't look a bit like that to me.

It looked a bit more like this.

If you want to read a story about the origins of the fire dragon, because frankly I can't be bothered to write it out now, you could also go here.

Enjoy. And take delight in how much we will do for you, dear reader, simply for your satisfaction. Say, we might bring you a Chinese moon dance next, DIY style, with mop bucket and curtain rail.


sharon said...

The links were very interesting. Please tell Dig that The Internet is most displeased by his sabotage of the Grit recording for posterity (and/or her loyal followers) devices! Your own offerings are always far more than 'very interesting'!

RuralDiversity said...

Dear Dig,
I'm not looking at the links as my very mature way of protesting against this travesty. I'm far too lazy to follow a link and I want everything served to me in one blog. That's all. Thank you.

Grit said...

well ladies, i can say that the hate mail has been wounding to the miscreant! he has mended his ways and reinstalled the program. photos soon.