Saturday, 17 December 2011

After my brain was sucked out by aliens...

...I was left with no understanding at all.

Why are three children following me? Who expects me to feed them? And who is that strange man? The one trying to pull himself up by his hair, while he stares wild-eyed at the heap of leather, sparkle, and paper offcut piled around me on all floors, surfaces and, inexplicably, hanging from the door.

Ignore these people. I find they go away in time.

Instead, look at my lovely notebooks!

The Cream Collection includes...

Ice Cream Swirl
What would it be like to everyday taste
strawberries and vanilla?

Nature Lover
Beguiles and frustrates in equal measure.
Slip your fingers in here and they'll only catch on the twists and tangles
of thread that stitch it all together.

Should it be Love?
Fireworks, sparkle, party time.
You never know which way it could go.
Shall we keep it light and simple?

Big Button
There's no denying it. One big, big,

Little Button
For the love of tiny, shiny, cream-coloured buttons.
Have to put them somewhere, Squirrel.
Can't hold the inventory system in your pockets everyday.

The Brown Collection includes...

The Sophisticate
You are one classy lady!
But I promise not to take delight when I witness you fall in the gutter.
In fact I'll help you out. I seem to be down here already.

Bound 'n' bead
A girl after my own heart.
You cannot leave those beads alone.
Is there anywhere you won't put them?

All the W's
Wistful, Wondering, Waiting, When will it be Wednesday?
Wonderful notebook for the Woman with the copy of Woolf, the Walnut desk,
the Whimsical gaze, and the Floral-patterned tea dress.
(Okay, there's an F. Obviously it doesn't all have to be W.)

Ahh, flowers!
And such a pretty cover!
Now who's to say the paper inside isn't bursting with delightful pictures of naked men?

(I'm only told you can get away with porn that way.)

The Red Collection...
Little Red Book
Chew on that, Chairman Mao.

You cannot betray the secrets of the boudoir!

(My secret is, there is no boudoir.)

The Black Collection...

Little Black Book
Strictly NO PEEPING.

Black and Silver
For the lady with the Halston spaghetti strap evening dress.
It's not true that I'm out to punch you in the face.
I just tell myself that when I'm jealous you actually have somewhere to go to wear it.

Some of these I must package and send to you, thank you for being here.

But for the others, I have a fantastic get-rich-quick scheme! I shall sit by the road selling hand-made notebooks! What could possibly go wrong on that one?


Nora said...

You do have a rich imagination when naming your notebooks but they are worthy of their names. These are lovely. I can tell you're having lots of fun. I would be too. XOX

MadameSmokinGun said...

Gorgeous darling! You seem to have gone in to mass production - respect!! And you're not neglecting the smaller darlings at all - merely inspiring them... oh yeah!!

Blue Dragonfly said...

Oooh just too beautiful! I am not sure how you could bear to give any away. They certainly make much better pressies than the usual pants and socks!

Rebecca said...

I want to be your best friend so I'd get a notebook, too. Gorgeous little things, these. Brava.