Friday, 30 December 2011

That's the way things go

No post of whine, complaint or misery today, on account of being visited on our at home afternoon, by The Pitcher and Ditta.

Their visit brings about my excellent spirits. The Pitcher and Shark push off with bikes; Tiger and Squirrel loaf about with books.

Occupied children mean that we two ladies of leisure can enjoy serious-minded discussions about politics, sex, education, and meaty mousse.

Our discussion is so enjoyable indeed, that even when Dig accidentally discovers how me, Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are now living illegally in Hong Kong - having busted the terms of our visa conditions for which penalties are to be arrested, imprisoned, fined and deported at a moment's notice - it dents me not one jot.

I open the biscuits and pour another coffee.


sharon said...

Oh - and Happy New Year ;-)

Grit said...

happy new year, sharon!

Kitty said...

Opening the biscuits and pouring another coffee is an excellent response to most things, I find. Happy New Year! :) x

Blue Dragonfly said...

Biscuits and coffee are a great answer, topped only I find by opening chocolates and pouring gin. Happy New Year !

Nora said...

You should have been drinking mulled wine or something and eating bonbons. Happy New Year, Grit!

Grit said...

Happy New Year, people! Let us all take something light-hearted from whatever 2012 brings, even the bad bits.