Sunday, 25 December 2011

Only one way out from here

Yes, we are lost, floating on our island in the South China Seas, but are we forgotten by the magic that is Christmas?


For here is Santa, come to see us!

There! Can you not see him? Covered in what looks like brick dust, and strapped to a tree?

Forgive him. He has no face, so cannot see where he is going. And we have no chimneys on the island. Unless you count the incinerators round the grave sites. He must hang on somewhere. Brave and noble Santa! How dedicated he is to our happiness. Let us follow his trail of tinsel to find what presents he has brought!

For he will not forget us. He has been lured here by the warm and inviting lights of our town. Here they are. The yellow rope of festive sparkle, twisted round the bent metal pole, holding up the fence which separates the concrete wall from the builder's dump. See how brilliantly our lights shine! Santa was led by them to our tiny haven of happiness!

But we know that Santa must sorely miss his frozen lands of the north. We are tender hearted. The local chiller shop has sought to bring him comfort and cheer. To herald his arrival, and remind him of the frozen lands in which he dwells, they have hung a decorative bauble on their fridge. The one containing the fish skins and margarine.

But wait! What is this? It is the end of Santa's tinselled trail. See how gaily it is combined to lead we hunters of gifts to our joyous end. Follow this lustrous rope and see what comfort Santa brings.

Ah, Santa! You bring warmth and comfort to all at this time of year. Let us now wave you a cheery good bye. From behind the town recycling collection dump.

Fare well, Santa! Until next year!

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Nora said...

That was a very sort of cheerful post, I think. Did Santa get the vodka in the end? I hope he did. He must have needed it after that collision with that tree. Such a meager welcoming he got for traveling such a long distance. Poor Santa!