Thursday, 26 January 2012

Frocking frenzy

An education in cloth compositing from Fashion Visionaries at Sha Tin Heritage Museum, Hong Kong.

I'm not wearing any of them.

Although the leather lace bodice was pretty smart.

The plastic bones, not so much.

Neither the hat.

But this one by Isaac Yuen is all MINE MINE MINE. Looks classy and together, then on close inspection is composed of complex stitchery, weaving and gathering. Me, me, me. Clearly I am made for this garment, so if it's going free at the end of the show, put my name down.



Nora said...

I'd like to try on every one of them just to see the effect. Not that I'd look all that great in them. I don't have the figure for them, but we'd have a good laugh, that's for sure.

sharon said...

Impressive. Elder son would enjoy this exhibition. Given that I have completed the first third of my last year of being in my 50s and that my current thigh measurement probably exceeds my waist measurement when style was more important to me than comfort, I'll pass on the red dress thanks all the same ;-)