Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sounds like the makings of a business plan

I have a thought.

It is to magically transport myself to Sham Shui Po whenever I want where I will hunt down beautiful and amazing haberdashery items like acorn-shaped buttons

and I will tenderly stitch these lovely worshipful items onto my own, original design, hand-made leather notebooks, which I think are fast becoming the desirable must-have items on Etsy

even though I don't have an Etsy shop, never mind about that, but then, someone who is a real celebrity, alright I don't actually know anyone, just someone, howabout Vivienne Westwood? is she dead yet? well, she is photographed adoring an original Grit-stitched Note Me Note Book, and then no dastardly evil person will steal my ideas, like I'm pretty convinced about that Anya Hindswhatsherface, what with my cloth shopping bag that I wrote all over, and WTF! along comes her design!? and we're all calling that a coincidence?? but anyway I'm not holding grudges, because the personalised, character-filled, Grit-stitched Note Me Note Book is now all the rage and becomes

a fashion icon overnight!

and there is the most amazing storm in all the fash hag mags - Vogue, what about them? where the photographer must simply have moi in the publicity pictures where I look alarmed! but also cute, not scary, say I can be girl-next-door Ralph Lauren model, maybe twenty years younger, and not digitally retouched to make me look thin or anything, I am simply beautiful when I hold my Note Me Note Book in a coquettish and pouty but totally natural way

and then Herm├Ęs comes along! and pays a million pounds! or maybe more! I don't know, enough to mend the garage roof and buy a Prada handbag, they come along and buy my Secret Jotter of Brilliant Ideas, the one I keep hidden in my bra-and-knicker drawer (and obviously where I jot my totally fantastic and original ideas about notebooks), and then the fame brand of Note Me Note Book is so successful as a global enterprise that yes!

I accept the Legion d'honneur!

and this involves me being able to start the enterprise all over again aged 22, only this time with a permanently naked available man and no liver damage.

Fairy Godmother Note Me Note Book
(currently out of stock)

Sounds like a totally brilliant plan and I should be able to do it all, say, by next Wednesday.

Note Me Note Books coming soon to Etsy!

(When I said soon, I probably meant later.)


sharon said...

Splendid idea - can I manufacture (by hand of course!)your packaging and labels? After all it's obvious that no mere paper bag with or without a common price tag will suffice to promote such marvelous items.

Nora said...

It sounds like you are on the verge to be discovered. I hope you'll remember me when you've made it big. I'd be glad to play some small role in your future glamorous life.

Grit said...

yes sharon, this sounds like a brilliant plan, and when i am in charge of the etsy grit empire, i shall ensure we have the deals sewn up, as it were.

not long now, nora! soon the most exclusive people on the planet will possess my fantastic note books!