Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hidden talents

I am forced to take it easy for a couple of days after yesterday's explosion of venomous angry froth. I need time to recover. And the weekends are when I invent my assignments. That way, I can give the children something to ignore all next week, apart from me.

Well, the chicken shed set me a challenge. Tell you seven things about myself.


I interpret that to mean not all on the same day. (I can't think up seven things, just like that.)

Plus, I like to think I am a complex woman whose mysteries are disclosed slowly, over time, which is more loving, and sublime, than get it all out in the open. I mean, where is the magic?

My first revelation has to be a peek then, into the struggles of the soul that lies beneath.

Peek into the Grit soul, number 1.

I like writing messages on bananas.

See? I was WASTED at that crappy ad agency I worked for, maybe all of two months, before they found me out and sacked me.

I even write on the ones I eat.

I am as addictive as sniffing unwashed laundry, aren't I? I bet you can barely wait for revelation number 2.


Big mamma frog said...

No rush, Grit, no rush.

Me, I just love talking about myself. Could have written 20 things. (But they wouldn't have been very interesting).

Nora said...

I never thought of writing on fruit as a possible hidden talent, but now that you mention it, I suppose it is kind of unique. Do your kids object when they get it for lunch? Mine would have protested loudly.

Grit said...

interesting? 7 things that have to be INTERESTING? i'm stuffed. i can probably finish this one about march, though, which would be pretty good going for me, big mamma frog.

only tiger complains nora, because bananas do not write messages to you, so there is something going wrong there. shark is vaguely suspicious, like i might be trying to poison her or something, and squirrel maintains she does not like bananas. although if i make toffee bananas (cooked in butter, honey, cinnamon) she eats them. but anyone would be mad not to, especially served with cream and a ginger wafer. x

kelly said...

I have too many bananas and they're going off, can you give me more details on the toffee bananas?

(I'm not being sarcastic, this is serious)

Grit said...

hi kelly!

1. melt butter with cinnamon.
2. add chopped bananas, fry a little.
3. drizzle in honey, stir, serve warm with squirty cream or ice cream.

sometimes i make the sauce first by gently boiling butter and brown sugar, then tip in chopped bananas.

it is an excellent recipe to disguise old bananas that no-one will eat because they are a bit bruised (or bear strange letters when i have pressed too hard on the biro.)

i also love fresh peaches quickly cooked in butter and apple juice, and apples cooked in butter, if you're serving.

kelly said...

Thanks for this.

I told my eldest boy and he has nagged me all day to check your comments to see if you'd replied.

Toffee bananas for breakfast tomorrow :)