Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We nearly did it

We nearly finished composing the Periodic Table.

Would have done too, if we had enough biscuits.

And then someone kicked off the eating frenzy by nibbling on Iridium.


sharon said...

There's always one isn't there!

Nora said...

What a neat idea to write it down on biscuits. But what an awful temptation too. Will they remember each element by digesting it? I never remembered any of them, but then I didn't learn them in such an innovative way.

Kestrel said...

I'm feeling all inspired now. My keen baking nearly 12 year old is going to have a ball. We might make them for the father's birthday.

Thank you.

Grit said...

i deny it was me, sharon. and with the manganese. i swear i had nothing to do with its disappearance. honest.

hi nora! we approach the periodic table in so many different ways, the kids cannot help but learn it. and it's fun, finding out about it. really, chemistry only became interesting to me when we started doing it for ourselves.

hi kestrel! we go with the interests, right? for my illustrator daughter i suggested cartoon strips for the elements; drawing oxygen, for example, as a hero, batman style, which shows how it came by its particular properties.

that idea didn't get anywhere. but it was my error. i should've begun, 'what if oxygen is a mythical horse...'

KP Nuts said...

Sapphire's best element is iridium

KP Nuts said...

She asked me if she could have an iridium wedding wedding when she was older.