Monday, 1 April 2013

Children not included

Typewriter! I love you! Continuing to seek a stream of wisdom which is flowing in the exact opposite direction to modern life, I find this delightful piece of kit has fast become an essential tool in my notebookery; it has become to me as important as my leather needle, a sharp pair of scissors, and the pliers. Even though the letter B keeps dropping off and I have to hand-wind the ribbon.

We can all know the importance of the typewriter in the Gritty household by the way a set of rules, prohibition notices, and codes of behaviour are listed each time the words the typewriter are reverently uttered.

Rules like Don't touch it, leave it alone, stop hanging about near it, don't even look at it, are only the beginning. Honestly, the rules of acceptable behaviours governing access to the typewriter would tax any tribal anthropologist.

And oh yes, you come here to read about the home education. Well, I have a craft stall coming up, so let us say that Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are doing autonomy.

That means Leave me alone, Put that letter B down, Sort out your own lunch, and Come away from my typewriter.

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