Thursday, 18 April 2013

We're supposed to be here for art, dammit

I am in love with Pothole Dog. Here she is.

Isn't she lovely? I think we share many similarities in disposition. Like enthusiasm for the outdoors, and falling into ditches in an undignified manner.

However, there are significant differences. When she falls down a hole, she comes up with several thousand pounds of vet bills. When I resurface, I have to provide my own elastoplast.

I note there are other significant differences, too. Like the way Pothole Dog comes with a pedigree and I come from a family where we don't ask too many questions.

Also, she totally ignores me. For this, I have a secret admiration. Look, I am all up close and personal and she's not paying me any attention at all! The only way I'm going to get her attention is if I smell like a dead pheasant. But it simply makes me all the more determined to fondle her luxurious chocolately ears.

Don't you dare call them liver in my hearing unless you want a punch on the nose. It is chocolate, all the way through.

But I see, I am not the only one she has won over.

I love Pothole Dog even more now, considering the long and difficult journey I have trod.

Anyway, forget about that. The educational reason why we are here is to collect Goldsworthy resources to compose into swirling pictures that walk the line between nature and art.

(A bit like Pothole Dog's lovely, lovely ears. xx)


Irene said...

So, is Pothole Dog going to be a member of the family or just a regular friend? I think he should be the former.

Grit said...

no dogs, irene, no dogs. they bring far too much responsibility for the likes of me.