Thursday, 11 April 2013

World Museum, Liverpool

Who can failed to be charmed by a name such as World Museum?

It tells me so much about Liverpool. Like, here is Liverpool. Beyond Liverpool? Who knows! Let's just call it the world. Now what's the point of it? Everything you need is right here! In Liverpool! Why do you want to go about concerning yourself with the world?

I went with low expectations, admittedly. The website makes it look like a hangout for toddlers. When I expressed interest in visiting, someone casually said with a curled lip, Oh that place? It's for kids. And yes, the stargazing section was busting with the under-10s.

Creating a campaign aimed at the kid market sells themselves too short. It not only implies the wider (and older) audience is indifferent, it allows some sections of the world to escape attention. But this is so wrong! You should see their Africa section. It has some serious collection and a lot of nkisi. But it was totally empty, apart from one happy toddler and a patient papa.

Fortunately, I messed up the camera setting and by a happy mix of incompetence and random button pressing came away with a lot of brooding photographs in expressive film noir.

Here, enjoy.

Don't ask me where my kids went. All I can say is that I was lost in Africa; the world also offered stars, fish, and probably somewhere, a horse.

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