Friday, 19 April 2013

It always begins in order

 Look! Chemistry made simple with edible molecules!

In reality, it is a Chemistry session disguising mayhem, complete loss of control, and utter ignorance on behalf of the workshop leader.

Today's session decends into let's set it on fire! and goes downhill from there.

 (For pity's sake avert your gaze from the state of the hob.)

Fortunately, we have some copper.
It doesn't work and it doesn't burn green.
Shark has some tricks up her sleeve and tries washing up liquid instead.

Now each time I offer this session I become more panic-stricken than the last. As the kids depart, shouting, That was the best ever! I am left to chew my nails, wondering what on earth I can do next that can possibly top the last.

Acid baths? Combustion? Magnets on the old telebox? I am open to suggestions.


HelenHaricot said...
the food tests were v cool they do kinda work up to it, but having your amylase get rid of your starch and your mono saccharide appearing so you have 4 testtubes of different colours pleased me ;)

Grit said...

thank you helen!

HelenHaricot said...

ps, we did have to make our own benedicts solution, but it isn;t difficult and there are instructions on the web :)