Sunday, 28 April 2013

In fashion at the British Museum

Take Shark, Tiger and Squirrel to the British Museum for a fashion photography shoot.

No, really! We are so out of place, we look like the aliens we are, zoomed in from Planet Z-342.

Fortunately, this workshop event takes place in a basement, so the ordinary museum-visiting earthlings are spared the sight of Grit (hair everywhere, messy) offloading the kids (hair everywhere, messy).

Here they are, in the museum bowels, in the 'digital educational discovery space' taken over by Samsung.

I have reasons. I booked the gritlings on this afternoon fashion workshop because a) it was free, b) I could offload the kids while I enjoy a couple of childless hours in the Members' Room, c) I like to shove the gritlings to places outside their comfort zone at every opportunity, and d) more in aspiration than a reflection of reality, maybe it will one day encourage the gritlings to attend to the hair and the mess. I have never been able to do much about it, maybe the children offer better hope.

This workshop seemed to fit the bill, 'using ancient cultures as your inspiration for planning, styling and shooting a fashion story using professional cameras and a range of costumes.'

I leave them to thrash around in a costume box with someone else's expensive camera while I enjoy the delights of the Members' Room.

I am a big fan of the 'Friend' system in museums, theatres and the like, simply because I can swank it over the ordinary non-friendly public. Especially at the British Museum! Walking to the head of the queue for the Pompeii exhibition waving my magic entrance card is exhilarating when I am followed by the expressions of undisguised loathing from the hundred people shuffling in a miserable slow-moving line outside the gift shop. What could be a better benefit of Friend membership than this?

But I think the advertising blurb for 'magnificent' and 'breathtaking' views from the Members' Room is pushing it A LOT. The only view seems to be stare directly down over the courtyard cafe and watch people eat lunch. (Admittedly their lunch comes without the 10% member's discount, so maybe that is the magnificent bit.)

When I picked up the gritlings again, I hear they had dressed up Shark in Ancient Roman drapery, to mixed effect, and that the workshop was declared alright to quite fun.

For me, this was no bad day, thanks to the imagination of the British Museum for offering teenage  workshops released from tedious National Curriculum targets, and thanks for the magic card system, gaining me a couple of hours off to read a book. Recommended.

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