Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fair exchange

I give the kids away, again! Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are on a geology walk without me. Although I remain a little bit jealous about that, while they receive an education in sediment and river basin, I can sell confectionery at the local flea market. 

I always turn up at these events in a mixture of outright terror and fear of exposure (Who am I trying to kid? What the hell am I doing here?) combined with a full belly of confident assurance, given to me by all the wonderful people who stop to say such charming things (They are like poetry without the words! You should be in Liberty's!). 

Notebookery-wise, it is a fair day. Out go the confections for the control issues, the sensuous and frivolous knicker-diamond combo, an autopsied butterfly, a lost geographer and a stricken love. When I come home, I see that we all balanced the day: incoming we have lumps of chalk, flint, slices of sediment and a pocketful of gravel.

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